Guidelines when Combining Flower Essences

Over the years, I have heard the same range of questions that are so often asked by those who want to use Flower Essences. Based on my experience, I will share with you all my answers.

What are Flower Essences? And what is unique about them?

We will begin by defining what we refer to as Flower Essences, describing their unique method of preparation and of research. And how they are clearly different from other plant preparations.

Combining Flower Essences: What are the Basic Guidelines?

In this Mini Course we will enumerate and discuss fundamental Guidelines when combining Flower Essences. The Goal is to create combinations that align and resonate with the needs of our clients.

Frequently Asked Questions and Points that will be covered

These are some of the questions that so often come up around combining essences. Answers to these points, and to other questions you may have, will be part of our interactive conversation

  • Maximum number os essences in a combination: what are the guidelines and fundamental criteria?

  • Are there Suggested Structures for Flower Essence Combinations? What is the origin of these structures?

  • Can we combine essences from different producers and sources in one same formula?

  • Can Flower Essences be combined with other Vibrational Gem or Environmental Essences?

Methods of Selection: assessment modes leading to Synthesis

  • Intuitive Methods

    A range of methods of intuitive selection, like dowsing, clairsentience, using cards, etc, will be discussed

  • Repertories and Research

    Combining research information acquired through courses, books and networking with intuitive perception

  • Focus Points and Synthesis

    Integrating different assessment modes in ways that bring focus and synthesis to our combinations

Methods of Preparation and Use

In this Course we will also discuss different methods of Dilution and Preparation and suggestions for use of our essence formulas

  • Classic flower essence dilution: water and brandy

  • Preparations for external and / or topical use

  • Special cases and precautions for different situations

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Flower Essences: a Low Impact form of Plant Medicine

    • Opening

    • Resonant Combinations - Introduction

    • Plants and our Interconnection

    • Plants as Teachers

    • A Low Impact form of Plant Medicine

    • Flower Essences - Information from Plant Intelligence

    • Choosing Essences as Professional Tools

  • 2

    Guidelines for Creating Resonant Combinations

    • Initial Guidelines

    • Type Remedy or One Single Essence

    • Reasons for Creating more Complex Combinations

    • My experience as a Client when taking a Resonant Essence Combination

    • Vibrational Essences that play different roles

    • Structural Elements when building Combinations

    • Initial Overview as a "Spread"

    • Clarity emerges as Essence Combination Reveals itself

  • 3

    Questions & Answers on Resonant Combinations

    • Working with less Communicative Clients

    • Combining essences for less Resonant Clients

    • Combining Essences for very Sensitive Clients

    • Do you recommend using specific essences to help clients open up?

    • How do we decide for how long an essence should be taken?

    • When working only with Bach Essences

    • Using Numbers Intentionally

    • On the #5 and others: assemble your own numerological meanings

    • Using other kinds of Preservatives

    • More on non alcohol Preservatives

    • Using essences in or on objects, in our Spaces and Bodies

    • Bottles - do we need to clean them?

    • How frequently do we add other essences like Gem Elixirs or Environmental Essences

    • Should we make essences for internal use only or also make sprays?

    • Creating blends for a Relationship or Family

    • Can we be effective when helping our loved in informal ways

  • 4

    Preparing and Using Flower Essence Dilutions

    • Different Types of Dilutions

    • Uses and Creative ways of enjoying Essences

  • 5

    Closing Words

    • The most important: continuing to work on ourselves so we can better serve the world

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My motivation: why I am offering this

In this Mini Course, my intention is to inspire you to think of combinations as an art and a science, one that will become second nature to you, the more you practice it.

Having taught dozens of classes on Flower Essences and Flower Essence Therapy, I know the questions that are so often asked and the answers that can bring calm and clarity.

This class draws from the experience of my own Flower Essence Therapy Practice and from the experience of my many busy Brazilian Colleague who have shared their conclusions with me  
In Brazil, Flower Essence Therapy has been very popular for the last 3 and a half decades. My own practice, that started there in 1989 has always been very busy. And many of my colleagues twho continue practicing in Brazil have been working with many clients for decades. 

As colleagues, we have often discussed the conclusions we arrived in relation to the ways we put together our combinations as a result of the experience we have gathered in our own Practices. Much of what I have to share here comes as a result of our combined experience of more than 3 decades. 


Ruth Toledo Altschuler

Creator of Essence Mentoring, Certified Flower Essence Practitioner and Educator
Ruth's teaching and Mentoring work is based on a deep understanding of the human psyche and a strong connection with Nature’s Archetypes and Higher Guidance.
In the field of Flower Essence Therapy where she has offered the most – 30 years of dedicated service – Ruth has consolidated a wealth of experience as a practitioner, teacher, mentor of practitioners and teacher of other teachers. She has decades of experience as a Certified Flower Essence Practitioner, and I is also a True Purpose Coach and a Voice Dialogue facilitator.

A Testimonial on Ruth Toledo Altschuler's experience in creating Essence Combinations

"Ruth has profound knowledge of the instruments she has been using for more than 30 years and assembles formulas like someone composing a painting or a poem: it is truly a work of art. By watching her compose a formula, a Flower Essence Practitioner will continuously learn, by seeing her combine essences by affinities based on eco-systems, botanical families, color and gesture, and not only by the indications for each essence. The way a formula is put together is never obvious. These are unusual combinations!"

In the picture, Isabela Bisconcini sits with our dear Steve Johnson (creator of the Alaskan Essences)  and Vivian Huxley. Photo at an event organized in Brazil by Essencias Florais.

"I have great gratitude for all that I have learnt and continue to learn from her in all her work: as a practitioner, an educator, spokeswoman and champion of this powerful healing language."

Isabela Bisconcini, Jungian Psychoterapist, Family Constellations Practitioner, Flower Essence Practitioner, São Paulo, Brazil

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