Through the XII Houses of the Natural Zodiac

This alive and experiential Program takes you through a combination of essences information and Guided Journeys, visiting the Polarities of expression of our Inner Feminine and our Inner Masculine Parts, as seen within the mandala of the XII Houses of the Natural Zodiac. And you will discover the possibilities of Evolutionary Communication for each one of these aspects. 

You will move through the XII House Mandala by visiting Archetypes of specific Flower Essences, and you will be prompted to expand your awareness of each one of these expressions within yourself.

First House in Polarity with the Seventh House, Second House in Polarity with the Eighth House, we will move through each step until we complete the full Circle.

As the Program progresses, you will deepen our inner work through journaling and visualizations, finally integrating the whole of the Mandala.

This Mandala of the XII Houses also has a center, where we work on our alignment with Self.

Flower Essences for Feminine Masculine and Communication
seen through the Polarities of the Mandala of the XII Houses

  • Awareness

    Plant Archetypes help bring to your awareness different facets of our Feminine and Masculine inner parts, and how present, suppressed or over expressed these inner parts may be

  • Embodiement

    By using specific Flower Essences you can grow in your ability to embody and nurture the flourishing of aspects of our Inner Feminine and of your Inner Masculine, and of your Communication

  • Balance & Healing

    Flower Essences often work on both polarities, helping us dose the tone and expression of different parts. They will also help awaken expressions that have stayed undeveloped

A Journey of Inner Discovery

As you move through the XII Houses, your awareness awakens to perceptions that will enrichen your life and your relationships

  • This Program is intended to be used in an hybrid format: initially you are invited to move through pre-recorded lessons at your own pace.

  • Upon Registration you will immediately access all materials. You will move through the XII Houses, listening to the Recordings, Journaling, collecting your reflections and questions.

  • Live Sessions will congregate those who have worked through the content. These sessions will include Live Guided Meditations, Q&A and mutual support.

Why and How this Program addresses major Evolutionary Challenges for Co-Creative change

For decades now we have been moving through periods of radical change in our roles and identity, while not having much awareness and clarity and on what has been emerging in us as a result. 

While the models we received intergenerationally are still very active, our lifestyles and our worlds have changed dramatically. As a result, our inner parts have difficulty finding their full expression with healthy coherence, and our challenged parts have no references for more evolved expressions.

It is URGENT that we evolve in the ways we communicate with each other and within ourselves. It Is also urgent that we cultivate the whole range of healthy expression of virtues such as Courage, Empathy, Integrity, Generosity, Receptivity and Sensitivity, while being resilient and full of vitality.

Flower Essences can be gentle and benevolent evolutionary allies, helping us awaken the awareness, nurture the virtues and express the qualities of a whole range of human aspects that are being challenged to evolve, if we are to continue inhabiting this planet as a healthy and thriving community.   

A Framework and Synthesis emerging from my 35 years of Practice & Deep Inner Work

This Program is a result of years of work with the Flower Essences on my own Inner Feminine and Masculine parts and on my Communication patterns. And the ongoing application of this embodied understanding in my work with clients

Dates and Times of the
Upcoming Live Sessions

On Registration, you already gain access to the Full Pre-Recorded Program. This is a fulfilling and complete Journey in itself.

You will go through the Program at your own pace.

The Live Sessions are a Bonus, providing Live Guided Journeys and Group Support, so you can bring all your questions and receive direct support.

Live Sessions will be announced for 2024

Pricing options

Choose amongst these two pricing options

What this Program will cover and what essence lines will be included

  • Can we take this Program only for our Personal Inner work?

    This Program provides an experience that enriches our awareness of the many aspects of our Inner Feminine, Inner Masculine and of how we Communicate. It includes guided journeys that will be deeply transformational, and it also includes Journaling, that will deepen the adventure of Discovery, allowing for processing and better integration. While it is designed for Flower Essence Practitioners who also work with others, it is structured and presented as a process for our own inner work. You are welcome to take it focusing mostly on your inner personal journey, as transformation always begins in ourselves.

  • Will we be looking at Myths on the Inner Goddesses and Inner Gods ?

    As we go through the XII House Mandala of the Masculine, Feminine and Communication, aspects of each expression will be covered. Many of these will evoke mythic figures of Goddesses like Aphrodite or Mars. Reading material on Myths related to the Masculine and Feminine will constitute part of the reflections that will deepen our understanding.

  • How does this relate to Internal Family Systems or Voice Dialogue?

    A long history of inner work addressing Inner Parts informs our understanding and approach to this work. As a Practitioner, I am trained in Voice Dialogue, and I also use the understanding conveyed by Internal Family systems. During this Program, we will give you directions on how to work with your Inner Parts using Journaling and Active Imagination.

  • What Flower Essences will be included in this Program's teaching?

    Most of the essences covered will be Bach, Flower Essence Services (California FES Essences) and Alaskan Essences. There are also Bush Essences, Desert Alchemy, Living Essences of Australia and Flora of Asia that are uniquely relevant and are included as part of the Program.

  • Will we be using Essences for ourselves throughout the Program?

    You will receive information as part of the Course Materials, and you will know what Essences and aspects will be covered. The use of specific essences is optional and can be a significant part of your enrichment and healing as you move through the Journey.

Past experience makes me uniquely qualified

Serving as an Educator and Mentor helping the evolution of our field of Flower Essence Therapy is something I do out of a spirit of Devotion and Inspiration. 

I have lived and breathed in-depth Flower Essence Therapy for three decades now, having gathered a unique combination of experience unparalleled in the field.

All the many years sponsoring and translating classes by the most important Mentors in the field of Flower Essence Therapy, has given me an intimate insight into their understanding and approach. All the while, when preparing my own classes, I am always committed to deepening my studies even further, to offer renewed perspectives.

Here are some highlights on my unique combination of experience:

  • Ongoing effective work with great numbers of clients over three decades
  • Multiple opportunities of learning directly and working alongside our contemporary researchers and founders
  • Educator in the field of Flower Essence Therapy for over three decades
  • Coordinator, producer and translator of courses offered by the most advanced teachers in the field
  • Entrepreneur with varied experience as owner of a company that produced many courses, distributed essences and nurtured community

More about my journey in the Bio page in my EssenceMentoring website.

Social proof: testimonials

“As a participant of Ruth’s online courses, even 23 years after taking my first FES California Flower Essences course also led by Ruth, I still feel the same enchantment with the flowers and their essences and experience the same freshness and inspiration coming from Ruth as a teacher.
Through these courses, my use of the flower essences is renewed, as the perspective and focus that Ruth brings are of great depth, while the media rich content shared through the internet provides a form of contact with the flowers that is incredibly strong.
This is a valuable experience: the images, the sound, the quality of the content, the depth of the proposed experiences, the delicacy in listening, everything is absolutely well placed, with great zeal and care.”

Isabela Bisconcini - Flower Essence Practitioner, Jungian Psychotherapist, Family Constellations Practitioner

“Ruth Toledo Altschuler is a remarkable teacher and practitioner of Flower Essence Therapy. She’s also a professional photographer, a skill which she brings into her course work, helping people to see the beauty and signatures of flowers and their environments.
I feel lucky to have taken workshops and courses from her, learning about the benefits and energetic qualities of flowers and in which circumstances to use them. Ruth has a warm, compassionate way of interacting with students (some of whom are already professional Flower Essence Practitioners). She fosters a community spirit and dialogue among students within her courses. In my last course with her, she impressed on us how important our work is at this time on earth and that we are here to contribute in significant ways.
I treasure Ruth as a teacher with years of expertise and profound insight and wisdom. I highly recommend her Flower Essence workshops and courses! ”

Eloise DeLeon, Energy Healer, Flower Essence Practitioner
New York, USA

“What a privilege it is to study with Ruth! She imparts her depth of experience as a practitioner through clear communication of complex ideas. Each course I have taken with her has been thoughtfully designed, full of beautiful images of the flowers to support and deepen my understanding of their use as essences. She creates a supportive learning environment, where it is safe to ask questions, share thoughts, and feel connected to fellow students.
Ruth has trained extensively with the best flower essence developers in the world, and is able to impart her distilled knowledge of how to effectively use essences from a variety of systems in practice with your clients. When you study with Ruth, you learn details and applications that you will not find in books or in the usual descriptions of uses.
I cannot recommend her, and her trainings, highly enough, and I am always first in line to study with her whenever she teaches. She is a gift to the world of flower essence therapy.”

Kathleen Aspenns, Flower Essence Practitioner, creator of the Flora of Asia Essences, CA, USA

“When I first met Ruth Toledo Altschuler in the early 1990s, Flower Essence Therapy was in its early stages in Brazil – and Ruth emerged as a pioneer in this field.
I had the joy and fortune to accompany and enjoy the work that was beautifully offered by her, initially through Essencias Florais, a company she cofounded that imported essences into Brazil.
This was a period of great dissemination of this therapy and Ruth, with her deep knowledge, brought this work forth through the distribution of essences, coupled with promoting courses, bringing foreign researchers and offering many lectures.
When it came to fulfilling the need for English-speaking translation, she stepped up to the task with great success, with her accurate and sensitive translation. Her profound knowledge of flower essences, her sensitivity and delicacy and her knowledge of the English language, made her the preferred translator for events on this modality.
Ruth is a reference in Brazil in all aspects of Flower Essence Therapy: she is a professional that combines competence, with a deep and sensitive perception of the human soul. I, in particular, have great affection and admiration for her, for all her dedication and delicate vision, which always leads us to want to get in touch with the most beautiful and deepest in ourselves.
I am very pleased to testify and bear witness to the importance of Ruth Toledo Altschuler for Flower Essence Therapy as a pioneer, recognized by all who practice this therapy in Brazil. ”

Lizete de Paula - Flower Essence Practitioner, Educator, Community Organizer - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

“In 2021 I participated in Ruth’s workshop Deepening Circles and was delighted to find a very warm and connected online community of practitioners and interested learners. Ruth is an incredibly dedicated teacher. She has the gift of being able to intuitively guide her students to the subtle qualities of a flower essence by encouraging open sharing and deep listening. Under her tutelage and care my understanding of flower essence therapy blossomed.
Ruth also presented beautifully crafted learning materials, with many references and resources, beyond what I was expecting. As a beginning practitioner I have much more to learn, and it’s reassuring to know I can revisit my class materials or make an appointment with Ruth herself. I very much look forward to attending Ruth’s programs and workshops in the future.”

Penny Kelleher, Flower Essence Practitioner & Homeopathy student

“Attending Ruth’s online programs, I reached a higher level of understanding flower essences. Her kindness, her wisdom, her soulful connection with plants, her rich knowledge of flower essences, her 30-year practice as a flower essence practitioner, her eloquent presentations, make her a unique, inspiring teacher.”

Markella Karamaouna Ph.D, Biologist and Flower Essence Practitioner

“I have no words to express just how deeply GRATEFUL I feel for having participated in this Program and for being part of the “essences” family.
The privilege of participating in this course, the amount of conscious elaboration, the quality of love that sustains this process, all that is part of it transports me to an attunement to so much light, joy, jubilation, peace, wholeness, fulfillment and presence!
Much love to all who organized this, and especially for Ruth, my mentor in this flowered path, my friend and sister. ”

Gisele Barroco, Film Director, Brazil

“I consider Ruth the leader of Flower Essences. She is able to hold the energy of both Earth and Sky for the natural world. With a lifetime of commitment and experience, Ruth is able to create and interpret a language for both the flowers and practitioners to understand.
I am so grateful for any opportunity to learn from her personally or professionally. Ruth is gifted as a teacher, mentor and loving human being.
The Essence Mentoring Circles led by Ruth are empowering. She gracefully asks you to tap into your own unique essence and find your voice for the natural world. She advocates for each individual to find their super power and use it to co create with nature. This is truly what our world needs to thrive.
Thank you dear Ruth for allowing me to stand in the Circle of Life with confidence and reverence as I bloom.”

B. C. - Flower Essence Practitioner, Herbalist

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